Dermatological manipulation for threatment of benign skin lesions and imperfections through controlled application of high-frequency electric over the tussue.

The processed skin formations can be removed in one session with a minor wound surface after the threatment that epithelizes in a few days.
Little scars can occurr after electrocoagualation threatment that disapper subsequently.

The following skin formations can be removed through electrocoagulation:

— Fibroma, especially on the neck and in axillae area;
— Viral warts;
— Closed comedones;
— Millia and enlarged oil glands;
— Solar keratosis;
— Keratoacanthomas;
— Seborrheic veruka;
— Basalioma and s.o.

The treatment of the above skin formations usually does not cause much discomfort. The electrocoagulation have reduced the sensation to a light to mere scaleding. The treatment of some bigger lesions can accuire applying of local anesthetic.

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