Laser Epilation

Laser epilation

Using Cutera Nd:Yag 1064 nm laser

What does the procedure represent and how it works?
Cutera Laser – Hair Removal – Laser epilation

In the contemporary world, every woman and man can completely remove the unnecessary hair from their face or body with the help of the unique Cutera laser. With this unique technology (1064 nm Nd:YAG laser), approved and registered for permanent hair removal procedures for every type of skin, including patients with tan, you can solve the annoying problem. For men and women with all types of skin.

What makes the Cutera laser different from other competitive lasers?
Suitable for treating all skin types – from dark to light, including patients with tan.

Which areas can be treated?
All areas of the body – face, legs, hands, forearms and back, including more sensitive areas like chest, breast, public areas.

What is the feeling during the procedure?
Full comfort through a built-in cooling in the nozzle, which neutralizes the feeded heat. The patient is feeling a soft and tender petting on the surface of the skin. With some patients, while handing the luminous impulse, there is a feeling which resembles a light pinch. The use of local anaesthesia, medicines or tranquillizers is not necessary.

How many procedures are needed?
Most of the treated areas require 5-8 procedures. The number of procedures depends on factors such as the density of hair, the type of the treated area, as well as your individual cycle of hair growth. Hair goes through 3 different phases: embryo, growth, regression. During the procedure, the laser usually attacks hair which is in the active phase of growth. Since the other hairs, which are in another phase of growth, reach the active phase at different times, an additional procedure is needed to eliminate all the follicles in the treated area.
The average treating interval is 6 weeks, depending on the treated area.

What happens immediately after the procedure?
Light redness or swelling can appear on the treated area immediately after the procedure. It is possible that residual hairs reappear and fall by themselves three to five days after the procedure. Don’t try to pluck or colour the treated area before the hair removal procedure or between two separate procedures. The only permitted manipulation is shaving.

Are there any restrictions regarding your activity during the period after the procedure?
You can go back to your habitual activities immediately after the procedure. It is not recommended to expose yourself to direct sunlight for an interval of 48 hours after the procedure. If you expose yourself to the sun, use sunscreen products on the treated area. Your dermatologist can recommend the most appropriate sunscreen product for your skin.

What are the possible internal effects?
Light redness and swelling on the treated area, similar to the effect after sunburn. Usually these effects disappear after one or two hours. Consult your dermatologist for the benefits and risks of the procedure.

What are the advantages of the hair removal procedure with Cutera laser compared to other usually performed methods?
Shaving, epilation, colouring, depilation creams – temporary methods, which have to be repeated over a certain period of time. With Cutera laser, the hair removal is permanent.

The hair removal procedure with Cutera laser compared to the method "electrolysis"?
The electrolysis is an invasive, monotonous and long painful process, characterized with putting a needle in the follicle of each hair individually with the purpose of providing an electrical impulse in the root of the hair to destroy it. Usually, the procedures prolong for years and they have to be performed over certain time intervals. Cutera laser provides luminous energy simultaneously to hundreds of hair roots without any intervention or pain.

The epilation procedure with Cutera laser compared to other competitive lasers?
This last innovative technology is unique and has no restrictions, imposed by old technologies. The length of the wave – 1064 nm, used by Cutera, as well as the built-in cooling, the real-time calibration of the initial impulse and the high power ensure an effective treatment for every type of patients – with dark or light skin, including patients with tan. In contrast to competitive lasers, Cutera successfully and equally treats the undesired soft hair on the upper lip of women as well as the more dense hair located on men’s chest. The built-in cooling ensures full comfort for the patient and the lack of serious unwanted side effects(which appear when using other lasers) after the procedure.

How does Cutera laser epilation differ from photoepilation?
The existing IPL devices for photoepilation use shorter length of the wave, which has high absorption of melanin. That’s why photoepilation is associated with higher risk of harming the adjacent tissue, as well as not being able to treat a darker type of skin or a patient with tan.


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