PRP - plasma

PRP - plasma

Rejuvenating therapy - Regen PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) – Skin recovery by injection of plasma

Regen is one of the latest achievements of the modern non-surgical aesthetic medicine. It was created in Geneva – Switzerland.

In this technique patient`s own blood is used. And that is the key advantage that distinguishes it from all the other invasive and noninvasive techniques known to by now.

A small amount of blood is extracted from the body, from it is derived blood plasma enriched with platelets and than it is placed back in problem areas. In addition to platelets, PRP contains leukocytes and fundamental growth factors having a major role in every stage of the process of tissue regeneration.

The regeneration effect of the skin is stunning and is visible with the bare eye. Skin becomes smooth, wrinkles disappear, tissue becomes thicker and saturated with color. Scars fade, pigment spots are reduced. Skin becomes well hydrated, healthier and more elastic with even texture and brilliance.

The Regen method is also applied outside of Aesthetic Medicine. For skin burns - up to 3th degree, sports injuries, poorly healing wounds (diabetic foot and wounds from pressure).


Critical thrombocytopenia, hipofibrinogenemiya, sepsis, acute infection.


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